Logo Design

I’ve been designing logos for various clients in the Spokane area for years and have also had client work over the internet as well.  When designing a logo, it is important for the logo to look aesthetically pleasing but also to convey something specifically or abstractly about that certain business that you are designing a logo for.  The logo is arguably one of the most important aspects of each business.

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Logos are produced in many stages, starting with thumbnails and culminating with finished digital files that the client can use for whatever medium they wish.  I start my process with thumbnails, progressing onto tighter logo sketches, then going onto color comps which may entail marker and colored pencil layouts or going to final right on the computer using various programs.  When the logo is approved by the client, I then provide them with their logo in various digital formats and also complete with a style guide that instructs them on the specific Pantone colors to use and how the logo should be displayed.

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