Cartoon Zombies

I created this zombie cartoon after trying to come up with a political cartoon that was dealing with the utter selfishness that was going on in Washington, D.C. amongst both political  parties.  After doing some “brain” storming for an idea using free word association (which is a technique I use […]

Whiteboard Video Animations

A Whiteboard animation is a process by where a story is told with pictures that are drawn on a whiteboard by a hand that is usually holding a drawing instrument.  The animation video is simulating a real live drawing, but the video is actually created by importing pictures into a variety of […]

Simple Animation Videos

Below are video animations that I have done for various clients. They are short videos and most of them are 10 seconds or less. They are used on a display that is next to a freeway – so they have to be concise and to the point. Resolution is low on these because of the sign display resolution required.  Most of my video ads are done in Adobe After Effects.

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