Cartooning and illustration along with all forms of drawing are usually the some of the hardest skills to acquire in the art industry.  While many designers in the industry have a good eye for design, the same cannot be said for those same designers having the ability to draw.  Drawing to some extent is a learned skill, although  the “you’ve either got it or you don’t” mantra may apply. Speaking from experience, I did a lot of drawing in high school but did most of my drawing in college.  I studied art in college and did a lot of life drawing classes along with drawing  quite a bit when on my own time.  Most of my focus in art school was drawing rather than painting, sculpting and any of the other fine art disciplines.  When first starting to draw, my drawings were usually pretty horrid, but like many things in life – the more one practices, the better one gets.

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Learning to draw before you learn to paint or illustrate is the same as learning to walk before you learn to run. I have much experience in the area of drawing which have included editorial cartooning, comics and logo design. It’s something I enjoy doing, but especially enjoy it when I get paid to do it.  Why lie?